Sunday, May 13, 2007

More features you never asked for

There's been a flurry of changes to PartyChat lately, so I feel the need to shout-out some love to everyone who's been pitching in.
  • Dolapo spends much of his life fantasizing about what it would be like if he were a dinosaur who spoke Perl. Unfortunately for him, he's really really bad at writing regular expressions (I'm not kidding, he's terrible). To compensate, he added a feature so you can now correct your past errors thanks to the power of regexps.
    me: man, Kushal sure is horny today.
    partychat: "dolapo" meant man, Kushal sure is corny today
  • I won't lie, a lot of us spend far too much time at work using PartyChat, which isn't much of a productivity boost. Sometimes you really need to focus, so on my behest, Dolapo implemented a /snooze feature which allows you to ignore the inane babble of your friends for a while without having to exit a chat. Just type something like /snooze 45m and then enjoy 45 minutes of productive serenity.

  • Wondering why Dolapo had -56 ++points despite implementing useful features, the ever resourceful Mihai added a /reasons command which prints out the reasons for someone's ++point score
    me: /reasons dolapo
    partychat: dolapo:-56
      increment by
      decrement by (for not helping)
      decrement by (for making my eyes bleed)
  • Programmers are notoriously bad about writing documentation, and PartyChat developers are no exception. In order to force better hygiene on us, Michael refactored my (ugly, ugly) command parser and made it easier to update the help messages that prints when you type /commands. So thanks to him, you can now learn everything you wanted to know about PartyChat but were too afraid to ask.


  1. Hi. I wonder if there is a way to reset the score of a word.

    thanks in advance, julian.

  2. we've thought about letting scores "decay" over time, but haven't implemented it. The hacky way to reset a score is to just ++/-- it repeatedly until it's back to 0 =).

  3. Hi
    I would like to see two features in the chat room application:
    1. Some way to kill an existing chatroom when it becomes redundant
    2. Some way to see who are online without the need to scan through the list of members.
    Thanks in advance,

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